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    What's up world... My name is Jai, I am one half of the Nulogik Team. I will be involved in all things creative/visually. (Whether its album art, logos, flyers etc.)


    Brief history on myself. I am a freelance artist/illustrator from Washington DC. I began to pursue art professionally after I graduated from Norfolk State University. I am very influenced
by many things when I create ( Whether its music, movies, graffiti, comic books, anime, etc)... My method when it comes to illustrating is to try to incorporate bits & pieces of those art forms
within my work.


    While at Norfolk State Anwar and I would always talk about creating a business together that would incorporate both our talents. After countless days of brainstorming, we both thought since we have a strong love for the art music & its many (Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Jazz, Rock etc) and
Visual arts (Painting, Graffitti, Illustrating) We decided to create not only a music label, but a Brand that would not only cater those styles of music…But also make an outlet for other forms
of Art from, Visual Arts to Performing, etc…

Peace & Blessings

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