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Anwars Bio
Initially, I just wanted to start a label and scout and guide talent...but sometimes you can be forced into doing what you never expected to be doing"

I was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina and raised in the Richmond VA area. Growing up with a parent in the military, I was used to moving around a lot, so I held close to me what I felt were constants in my life. It was always family & music. Obviously family never changes and music, well that's always been an outlet from whatever has been going on in my life. While a student at Norfolk State University, i decided that music was something I wanted to pursue not as an artist but as a ceo. The thought of owning a business in a field that I was passionate about was beyond just an idea it'd be my ideal situation.

After graduating I moved back home to Richmond,Virginia but could never seem to get anything but temp work. It was at that point I decided to move to Washington DC and look for work. While there i was introduced to Yudu Gray III who had just started a recording studio called House Studio DC. I began going there to learn about song writing and looking for talent for my label I was ready to launch. I quickly learned that not everybody is as "hungry" as they say they are and not everybody is as passionate as i was about music. I decided to begin writing and recording material on my own while I looked for talent. Within two sessions i had amassed more than a few tracks and with the encouragement of others it was decided that I would not only be a CEO but also an artist.

My goal for Nulogik Music Group is to provide a comfortable music home for our artist as well as to establish Nulogik MG as the premier independent label in the DMV area and eventually as one of the top labels in the music industry. Nulogik MG is a multi- genre label that will encompass hip-hop, neo-soul, R&B, pop, soft rock & smooth jazz.

"Never give up, keep grinding the moment you lose is the day you stop trying"

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